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When creating a professional video, Monark media will construct a video with a core message that is in line with your brand. Our goal is to engage your audience while promoting you and your trademark. Our creative ideas and film productions are completely customizable to what you as our client want. Once we hear your vision, Monark media will produce a custom script and story line that matches your concept. Our ability to offer a variety of different videography options gives the client an unparalleled, unique experience. Monark Media will direct, film, produce, and edit to bring any client’s visions to life.


Commercials / Events

M O N A R K   M E D I A   L L C  ©  2 0 1 8      |     A L L   R I G H T S    R E S E R V E D

  • candice Fitness Promo 4.jpg

    Candice Fitness 


  • Screenshot 2018-12-26 20.33.28.png

    "Memory Lane" Black Tie Classics


  • Screenshot 2018-12-26 20.34.52.png

    Jacqueline's Flower Shop

    Flower Shop + Retail

  • DSC_0828.jpg

    Little Miss & Miss Jabberwock Scholarship Gala


  • cash traders 1 screenshot.jpg

    Cash Traders

    Pawn Shop + Retail

  • Shredshared 1.jpg



  • Zodiac Sign 1.jpg

    What's Your Zodiac Sign

    Promotion + Party

  • salon allure 2.jpg

    Salon Allure

    Hairdressing + Beauty Supply

  • Summer Drip 3 screenshot.jpg

    Summer Drip 3

    Party + Promotion

  • Berry Patch 1.jpg

    BerryPatch Bed and Breakfast

    Lodging + Food

  • Shotclub_court.jpg

    Shotclub Shootout

    Basketball + Fitness

  • Nike Spec Gym 1.jpg

    Nike Spec Ad

    Fitness + Inspiration

  • Mary Harris Kickstart 1.jpg

    Marry Harris Kickstarter

    Charity + Inspiration


Music Videos

M O N A R K   M E D I A   L L C  ©  2 0 1 8      |     A L L   R I G H T S    R E S E R V E D

  • Kevin 11-Room 51 video submission pic.jp

    Kevin 11

    Room 51

  • COW Project - It's Up to You 1.jpg

    COW Project

    "It's Up to You its Up to Me"

  • Jenna Rose  Alarm Cover Video  1.7.17-75

    Jenna Rose


  • Mike Mango-Who You Know 1.jpg

    Mike Mango

    Who You Know

  • Kevin 11-Promotion.jpg



  • Kevin 11- 3 Shots 1.jpg

    Kevin 11

    3 Shots

  • Mike Mango-East Coast.jpg

    Mike Mango

    East Coast

  • Danny Bukem - U know what i want 2.jpg

    Danny Bukem

    U Know What I Want

  • Kevin 11 - Don't Stop .jpg

    Kevin 11

    Don't Stop

  • Kevin 11 - Fake Love.jpg

    Kevin 11

    Fake Love

  • carly - grand piano 2.jpg

    Carly Underwood

    Grand Piano

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